The following community leaders volunteer to serve on the Foundation. These members meet several times throughout the school year to support the educational program in Franklin Borough School. They are dedicated to providing the students with meaningful experiences they will remember for a lifetime​.
President: Scott Davis 

Vice President: Harry "Ted" Weeks

Secretary: Theresa Gallagher
Treasurer: Michael Ryder

Suzanne Ross
Theresa Nahrwold
Kevin Blondina​​
Joyce Carr​
Jeanine Paszkiel​

Wayne Bartron (Board of Education President, Ex Officio)
J.R. Giacchi (Superintendent, Ex Officio)

Franklin Borough School □ 50 Washington Avenue □ Franklin, New Jersey 07416 □ (973) 827-9775
If you would like to contact the Franklin Education Foundation, we can be reached at